Services and Fees

My Services:


Each person is different and each birth is unique.  Interviewing to find the right Doula is very important. I provide two prenatal meetings.  The first is an in-person interview, which usually takes around 30 minutes to an hour.  The second is a complete prenatal meeting, which includes use of the rebozo, birth plan writing, childbirth education (if needed), and discovering how to best help you in labor.  It is important that you are comfortable with who I am and the ways that I can help you during your birth.  For the second meeting, it is generally best to wait until 34 weeks of your pregnancy and after you finish childbirth classes (if applicable, though highly recommended). During these meetings, we review:

  • Roles and Expectations
  • What a Doula does, and does not do
  • “If Desired” Pain Relief Options
  • Writing a Birth Plan
  • Birth Plan Review
  • Comfort Measures and Coping skills in Labor
  • My Contract
  • When to Call

In addtion,

  • I offer phone and unlimited email support, during both the prenatal and 6 week postpartum period.

During Labor:

  • During labor, I will meet you either at your home, or at your birth place if that’s what you desire.
  • I will suggest and assist in various comfort measures and positions during the birth. I will encourage you throughout, or say nothing if that’s what you desire. For example, I use these techniques and more:
    • Warm/cool rice socks
    • Counterpressure
    • Massage
    • Aromatherapy
    • Visualization
  • Rebozo for comfort and positioning
  • I will maintain a relaxing and welcoming environment by using candles, low lights, pleasing scents, oils and lotions, and hushed tones.
  • I will adapt to whatever you need at the time.  Some women want a comforting hand on their shoulder, some do not want any touch at all.  Some women like to talk during labor, and others want complete silence.  Some women want all of these things at different points during the same labor!  I will respect, protect, and encourage whatever YOUR personal need is during labor and adapt to you. 


  • After your baby has been born, I will stay with you for an hour or two to maintain support and help you initiate breastfeeding (if applicable). 
  • After your birth I visit your home to recap the birth experience (and let’s face it, gush over your new little one!).  

Monitrice Services:

I am currently training as a student midwife and apprentice. As such, I will be able to augment my doula services with monitrice services.  Doulas do not utilize any clinical skills, such as blood pressures, taking fetal heart tones, checking the position of the baby, or vaginal exams.  Currently, I am able to offer these skills except for vaginal exams to clients. When you decide to go to your birth place, or call your midwife if you are having a homebirth, my services move from monitrice back to traditional doula services.  The advantage of this form of care is the ability to stay home longer. 

Cesarean Section:

If you’re having a scheduled cesarean, I come with you in the morning and won’t leave until you’re successfully nursing or, if your baby is in the NICU, make sure you’ve at least seen pictures of your new baby and are comfortable and resting.

My Fees
Most labors take on average of 16 hours for first time mothers.  Therefore I limit the amount of clients I take on to avoid conflicts both professionally and personally.  I will only take on at maximum 2-4 private clients a month depending on due dates.  To be fair to everyone, I do not consider myself booked until I receive both the retainer fee and the signed contract.
Payment Schedule: 
  • Retainer Fee:  $300.00 upon agreement and signed contract
  • Remainder of amount due at 34-36 week visit: $300.00 (If I am unfortunately unable to get to your birth in time, this amount will be returned to you.)
  • Placenta Encapsulation offered for a fee of $200.00 for birth doula clients
I am also flexible in price for those in need of it (ie. single mothers and Operation Special Delivery mothers). I am also more than happy to work out a payment plan schedule with you as well, if that is your need. Please contact me anyway.  Bartering is also a possibility for payment as well!