Placenta Encapsulation

Why encapsulate your placenta? It has more benefits than you may think!

When ingested, your placenta:

  • contains your own hormones, which can provide emotional balance (reduces instances of PPD and the Baby Blues)
  • can increase your milk production1004589_532375636810108_598528303_n
  • lessen bleeding while replenishing iron stores
  • give you more energy postpartum
  • be helpful during menopause (freeze those extra pills!)

I prepare the placenta in the Traditional Chinese way in a 2 day process, at your home after birth.  It is first drained, steamed, and finally dehydrated before it is placed in capsules the next day.  Typically, one placenta will provide between 100-150 pills. Consider this ancient practice, and have a happier, easier postpartum recovery!