Congratulations and Welcome on this wonderful journey!

My name is Laura Benack.  I am the mother of five small children, and have a passion for birth and birthing women.  I had my first child in a hospital with an epidural.  My next three children were born at a birth center in a birth pool, attended by a CNM, and finally had a homebirth for my fifth child with a CPM.  I’ve nursed all five of my children for over a year and experienced all the ups and downs of a major transition in life.  My desire is to help birthing women, however they choose to birth, during their transition to motherhood.

I will support your birth.

  • I trust and believe in birth
  • Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time and are uniquely designed to give birth and care for their babies.
  • Birth is hard work, but beautiful things come with hard work
  • I will not bring MY birth to YOUR birth.  I will support and serve a woman who chooses an unmedicated hospital or home birth equally as those who choose to have an epidural or scheduled cesarean birth.
My Training
After attending my first birth in 2010, I trained with DONA as a birth doula.  Most recently, I am apprenticing as a student midwife. I was personally trained in Placenta Encapsulation by Mamanourish, and follow all safety protocols and universal standards.