S.’s Birth Story of Baby M.

This is S.’s birth story from her birth in May.  Her first birth was quite traumatic, so she really wanted a different experience.  She is an amazing woman and mother, and a birth warrior! Enjoy!

“Having my second baby with a doula made a world of difference. After my first experience of labor that was over 30 hours long, extremely stressful and medical in a hospital, I was fearful of having a repeat experience. I chose Laura to be my doula hoping that her personal experience giving birth to three children, and training in pain management would help me to have at least a little less trauma both physically and mentally this time around. I never could have imagined how wonderful giving birth could be!

At 3 a.m. I called Laura to tell her about my contractions. She asked me a few questions and told me to relax and let her know when they picked up. Laura came over at 9 a.m. We sat on the deck and she gave me a foot massage. She hit trigger points on my feet that I am sure stepped up the contractions! We laughed, and talked about our plans for going to the hospital. My husband rushed around getting the house ready for our babysitter and trying to get me to eat before we headed to the hospital. We were all a little nervous about the way things would go once we arrived.

Laura checked the minutes between contractions and the length of my contractions with this cool app on her Ipad. When she saw that they were 1.5 minutes long and only two minutes apart, she declared that we should make our way to the hospital. Things at the hospital were really quite treacherous. First there was no parking, then they didn’t have my insurance information and made me fill it out at the counter while my contractrions strengthened. Then they couldn’t find a room for me. When they finally had me situated they tried putting a port in my vein to give me the expected dose of antibiotics since I had tested positive for Strep. They missed my veins twice, and I am very scared of needles. At this point I began to feel stressed out and weak.  I suggested that I should get an epidural, even though it had not been my plan. At this point, Laura and another nurse strongly encouraged me to do it naturally. They assured me that I was almost at the end, and that I had demonstrated so much strength thus far, they were confident I could do it with out medical intervention. I am so thankful they spoke up and empowered me! Our bodies are made to have babies, and I allowed myself to listen to my body after their encouragement. Laura and Joe helped me bring the baby down by helping me on all fours to roll in a circular motion. They got me into the shower where I remained for close to an hour. I got so relaxed and actually began pushing on my own in the shower. The nurses came rushing in and heard me pushing, so they quickly moved me back to the bed.

The doctor rushed in and asked if I was ready to push yet. Ha ha! She complained that she was busy and that her back hurt. Really?! Then she made me lie down on the bed to push because standing, squatting, and being on all fours seemed inconvenient to her. Through all this insensitivity my doula and husband advocated for me, and helped me make decisions when I was past the point of thinking or expressing anything clearly. Laura gently, but firmly told them that I did best pushing on all fours, and she and my husband hoisted me to a comfortable and successful squatting position without any help from the medical staff.

Our beautiful baby daughter was born 30 minutes later! It’s hard to recount every detail, but suffice it to say, having Laura as my doula made all the difference in the world! I enjoyed this experience, she protected me from a terrible tear, from drugs, and other intervention, and she encouraged me at my weakest moments. Although hospital birthing is never an ideal scenario, I think that having a doula vastly improves the experience to make a mother and father more at ease, more focused, and more confident through labor and delivery. I advise any mom-to-be who asks to get a doula!”

Shared with Permission